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    Of course, we didn´t invent the wheel, but if the grinding-wheel is concerned, then we are the first address among the global players.
    We have in fact equipped companies with our machinery throughout the world: Presses, Mixers and other special machines as well as the technical know-how were and are being supplied by us. Thanks to continous innovations in the design and production of our machines, the name PHILMUT has become the guarantee for a successful story in industrial production. Millions of grinding wheels are being produced every day worldwide with PHILMUT machines on the highest quality standard.


Product portfolio:

  • Mixer
  • Four-Column Universal Presses
  • Mixing Ceramic & Grinding Mixers
  • Presses
  • Air-Circulating Chamber Kilns
  • Separating & Transferring Fully Automatic System
  • Tandem Mixers
  • Multi & Single Storey Heating Presses
  • Frame Presses
  • Handling Green Grinding Wheels Lifting & Turning Device
  • Fully Automatic Filling & Leveling Device
  • Green Grinding Wheels Testing Machines
  • Grinding Wheels Automatic Od Dresser
  • Cutoff Wheel Cutting Testing Machine
  • Universal C-Frame Workshop Presses
  • Lateral Runout Testing Machines
  • Automatic Four-Column Presses
  • Flap Disc Production Machines
  • Universal Four-Column Presses
  • Four-Column Presses
  • Bushing Machines
  • Testing Machine
  • Speed Testers


C Frame High Precision Power Press
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